Campaign to attract off-season tourism

Campaign to attract off-season tourism – Spain

One of the biggest headaches for tourism entrepreneurs is how to attract visitors in the off-season.

They are about to get help from the Junta de Andalucia, which is planning to attend 38 tourism fairs and conferences in 25 countries over the next four months.

The Junta’s man in charge of tourism and sports, Luciano Alonso, told reporters during his visit to the Malaga Feria on Monday that foreign tourists’ interest in obtaining the best deal for the least money had made off-season tourism more attractive. He said the Junta aimed to tell potential visitors that Andalucia does not “close down in the autumn and winter”.

Given the waning interest in the so-called sun and sand tourism, he said the Junta will use precision marketing tactics to target specific groups, such as students, pensioners, people interested in practising sports, professional people, and those interested in finding out more about the region’s culture and wines.

The campaign will kick off in Holland from August 28th to 30th, coinciding with the start of the Cyclists Tour to Spain. Sr Alonso said Andalucia had a lot to offer sportspersons but admitted that golf was  still king. So the Junta will send representatives to a golf tourism meeting in Scotland in September while 1,200 specialist tourist agents will attend the International Golf Travel Market in Marbella in November.

He said another sector that helps keep the hotels open off-season is the Europe Senior Tourism project which is expected to attract half a million pensioners this winter, most of them from the newer EU countries like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia or the Czech Republic. He also noted that the high speed AVE train had brought 1.8 million visitors to Malaga in the first half of this year, 45% more than during the same period last year.