Holiday in Spain – Privately owned properties are not hotels

Holiday in Spain

Holiday in Spain

Holiday in Spain – Privately owned properties are not hotels – Spain

Law on renting out privately owned properties to tourists is to be changed by the Government. This tourism conflict can be resolved with regulation, hotel owners say.

Holiday tourism in Spain is one of the sectors that has increased in last few years. Just in 2012, around 57.7 million overseas tourists came to Spain for their holiday break, that’s an increase of 2.1 percent compared to the previous year.

Holiday in Spain in privatly rentals
2013 looks improve even further, however many choose to rent a privatly owned property for their holidays.

The government, responding to what it calls "unfair competition", has decided to exclude thousands of properties in holiday areas from the Urban Rental Law (LAU), which until now has allowed property owners to rent out their own apartments and houses on a short-term basis.

The association of hotels in Spain estimates that some 1.5 million Spanish properties are rented out without having any quality or services control.

Source: El Pais