Forty-three dead and no culprits

Forty-three dead and no culprits – Spain

Families and friends of the 2006 Valencia subway accident are demanding the case to be reopened

May 2013
Six years have passed but the feelings of rage have not diminished. "We will not stop until we discover the truth," said Beatriz Garrote, spokeswoman for the “July 3 Metro Victims” Association. 
Every month since July 2006, a five minute silence takes place in memory of the 43 passengers who died and the 47 who were injured. It was the worst subway train accident in Spanish history, but still, the case was closed and no officials were found to hold any responsibility.
The broadcast of the investigation show “Salvados” on La Sexta Spanish TV channel presented by Jordi Évole, has brought the matter back into national consciousness and the social networks have done the rest. Within a few days after posting a petition on the internet platform, 70.000 signatures were received demanding a "truthful investigation", while thousands of people demonstrated in Valencia.
Source: El Pais