Sierra Nevada – Hiking, mountainbiking and climbing

Sierra Nevada slopes

Sierra Nevada – Hiking, mountainbiking and climbing

From November to February skiers dominate the slopes of the Sierra Nevada. 

But what can one do during the rest of the year in the area? Or rather, what can one do as an alternative to  skiing and snowboarding?

In spring and summer, as the snow melts, and the landscape blossoms. The plain white slopes become green and fresh, with blossoming flowers and plants, colourful leaves and trees. Outside the winter months, the Sierra Nevada region is perfect for outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking and water sports etc.

Tourism in the Sierra Nevada is not exclusively based around snow sports. Many visitors are attracted by the beauty of the area’s natural park. Come and see for yourself!

Sierras de Alhama, Tejeda and Almijara Natural Park

In 1999, the Tejeda and Almijara areas were declared national reserves; here you will find Golden Eagles, Hawk Eagles, Short-toed Snake Eagles, Booted Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Goshawks… to name a few.

Popular activities here include: hiking, mountain biking, climbin and speleology (caving).

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