La Bateria Park – A place not to be missed!

La Bateria Park – A place not to be missed!

The Spanish word “Bateria” means in this case, battery i.e. an artillery unit of guns, a fortified emplacement for heavy guns.

La Batería Park represents, without doubt, a great attraction for both inhabitants and visitors staying on the Costa del Sol and, in particular, in Torremolinos.

This visit is a must in order to discover yet another interesting feature of the ‘new Torremolinos’, a modern town with an ever growing outstanding infrastructure.

This beautiful park is set on a 74,000 sq.m. plot, with wide streets for pedestrians, ornamental fountains, cycling and jogging streets, sports areas, and a 650 sq.m. playground for children.You can also see the three 152 milimetre artillery units of heavy guns as well as their bunkers.

There are three different ways of having access to this park: the main one – both for pedestrians and cars – from Avenida del Carmelo and the other two from Calle Violín and Avenida Carlota Alessandri. The car parking has a capacity for 143 vehicles.

The Lake

There is also a large 60 cm. deep lake where you and your family can enjoy a very relaxing and enjoyable boat ride. A splendid six metre high sculpture dedicated to the god of the sea Neptune can also be seen.

Filled with history

The military strategic position of Torremolinos has been used through history as an important vigilant and defensive site against the frequent attacks from the sea. This spectacular fortified emplacement for heavy Schneider guns gives you the opportunity to see very interesting historic remains.

All in all, La Batería Park is one of the most beautiful Andalucian urban and ornamental parks you’ll ever be able to admire.